From the Canadian Military Records WWI  
Recorded as serving in the Expeditionary Force of 600,000 men are the following Wyllie names. There is no record of whether any died in the war but the odds are that some did. No search has been done yet under Wylie with one 'L'.
Name Regimental Service No.   Name Regimental Service No.
Alexander Wyllie 784788   Alexander Wyllie 1102095
Alexander Wyllie 3345064   Alexander Jamison Wyllie 1009440
Allan Hossett Wyllie 1009440   Andrew Wyllie 2115092
Andrew Finlayson Morrison Wyllie 790917   Andrew Wilson Wyllie 1250424
Arther Sauders Wyllie 16606   David Wyllie 2204587
David Crombie Wyllie 30144   David Valentine Wyllie 1015927
Eaton Lindop Wyllie 521203   Edward Wyllie 2731029
Francis Wyllie 406209   Fred Wyllie (AKA Wychto) 152813
Frederick Norman Wyllie 405481   George Wyllie 904970
George Herbert Wyllie 839119   George Tindal Wyllie 463672

From Canadian Military WW2 Records  
  Died in battle  
Charles John Wyllie
Warrant Officer WCAF Died 1942
  Raymond Edgar Wylie
Sgt. WCAF Died 1942

  • There is no accessable database for those who served in WW2 at this stage
Of note in relation to these Canadian Military Records should be that no Wyllie or Wylie died in the Boer War while serving with the Canadian forces. Yet 15 years later or there abouts, there are some 20 different Wyllies serving in the forces, be that it was most likely by conscription.

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