Wyllie Family Information (Bits & Pieces)
  Indian Military Records        
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    Wyllies in India (from Military records)
        • James Wyllie 1799 Died 24 March 1874 (Madras Army retired 7 Jan 1844 & Married Eliza 16 April 1832. Sons were Robert Born 1833, George Born 1836
        • Wiliam Alexander Patrick Wyllie born 1.Nov.1832 2nd Lt Royal Artillery although retired as Major General. (in China war although may not have been in India.)
        • Robert John Humfrey Wyllie born 3.5.1845 Ensign 103rd Foot & reached Lt Col on 4 .8.1869. Also was in the Afgan war 1879-80
        • William Hutt Curzon Wyllie born 5 Oct 1848 (possible brother to Robert John H. Wyllie) Ensign 106th Foot reaching Major on 30 Oct 1886. Also served in the Afgan war 1879-80
        • James Wyllie Born Quarter-master 127th Foot Regiment Reference to being retired on half pay in 1800
        • John Wyllie recorded as being appointed  Lieutenant  34th Regiment