Wyllie Family Information (Bits & Pieces)
  • Mary Ann Wyllie Candlish Born 29.4.1873 Father Hugh Candlish & Mother Mary Ann Wyllie from Genealogy database for Cuindlis.
    This reference was found by searching on Alta Vista using Wyllie with a capital W. This brings up a reference to the link. (I have been unable to get the link to work from this page so I have remove the link rather than have frustrated people sending me e-mails about it)
  • From George Miller (86 when he wrote this to me in 1999) who married a Marion Wyllie from Govan in the Paisley Road West. His account of her family (as she is deceased) is that there were 4 in the family, Jimmy, Marion, Andrew and William.
  • Jimmy he never met but understood he had a pub in Partich and one daughter called Marion.
  • Marrion married George Miller & they emigrated to New Zealand with 2 sons.
  • He did not give me any information on William.
  • Andrew was a boilermaker in John Browns Shipyard Clydebank as a young man and was a soccer player playing for Rangers around 1896. He finished up playing for Brentford in England.
    He had 2 daughters and 3 sons, (Agnes, George, Jack & Alec)
  • Agnes who married J Thompson & had two sons William & Robert.
  • George never married & died in Brisbane Australia in 1970
  • Jack Wyllie married Isa Glass and had 2 daughters.- Morag & Marion
    Morag married S McNaught and had 2 daughters Morage & Kirsty.
  • Alex married L Hallam and had 3 daughters & one son. (Heather, Greta, Ian & Leonne)
    Heather is widowed & still lives as at 1999
    Greta is living in Castor Bay Road Auckland New Zealand.
    Ian is deceased.
    Leonne is living in Australia.