Wyllie Family Information (Bits & Pieces)
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  • James Wyllie  has traced his family back to Alexander Wylie or Wyllie born Kincardineshire in 1770 and with a father of the name James born about 1740 (exact date unknown) Alexander Wylie had 2 sisters and 2 brothers. James would like more information about his ancestors that relate to Alexanders siblings or parents. Contact back to James on jmw@bexton.u-net.com
    James family history is now viewable from the database links
  • Miscellaneous from James Wyllie in the UK The International Genealogical Index of the Mormon Church shows a James Shaw Captain Wyllie who was also married to an Agnes Millar
    In the crypt of St Paus in London there is a memorial to a Sir William Wyllie who distinguished himself on the North-West Frontier of India. There were a number of Wyllies in the Army in India. It would now appear that this famous gentleman is related. Check out the download page for the Wyllie Family History according to the US family
  • Notable Wyllie names extracted from  Jenner's Hall of Names.
        • Sir Campbell Wyllie
        • Rt Hon Lord Wylie Solicitor General for Scotland
        • William Wylie Anaesthetist
        • Robert Wylie Industrialist
  • James also found  the record a James Shaw Wyllie who served in the Indian Army but is not the James Shaw Wyllie that we have in this Home page.
    According to the records  he was born 2 October 1800 and died 10 September 1879 and retired from the Indian Army on the 4th of March 1842. Also refered to in  as James Shaw Captain Wyllie although not in the pension records this information was found. He married Agnes on 5 January 1830 and she was born 17 June 1803 and died 26 October 1880.  They had 3 children  John born 1830, William born 1832 and Wilhelmina born 1835.
    Wilhelmina died in 1840 aged 5 years. John is likely to be John Shaw Wyllie listed as an Ensign in 1850 in the British army.