Wyllie Family History (Early Scottish History)
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This is the earliest researched history for the Wyllie family name and while we believe it to be accurate, there is always a possibility that an error has occured.
History that has supporting documentary data commences with Robert Wyllie born 1752.
We thank the work done by James Wyllie in the UK for much of the research of the earlier period in the family history.
Please note the spelling of the names are as they were recorded and are not a typo.
      Robert Wyllie
Born 1620
Married Marion
Married 1643
Mathew Wyllie
Born 1644
James Wyllie
Born 1646
Married Janet Smythe
Married 1666
Johne Wyllie
Born 28.6.1646
Margrat Wyllie
Born 31.5.1654


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