Wyllie Family Tree (UK Branch)
This page provides details of the Children of George Ord Wyllie & Susan Carter as sourced from the family bible.
Following research & information provided, their Heirs are recorded & this page links through to those further down in their family tree.
      George Ord Wyllie & Susan Carter      
Minnie Georgina Wyllie 
Born 26.7.1862  Died 16.12.1938
John WIlliam Wyllie 
Born 15.2.1864  Died 12.3.1948  Married Alice Royal
Herbert Edward Wyllie 
Born 7.11.1865  Died 16.6.1946  Batcherlor
Agnes Elizabeth Wyllie 
Born 15.10.1867  Died 16.10.1867
Dellar Irvine Wyllie 
Born 17.7.1875  Died 6.10.1917
Florence Margaret Wyllie 
Born 4.11.1870  Died 18.12.1876
Duncan Bennett Wyllie 
Born 24.9.1873  Died 8.5.1886
George Ernest Wyllie 
Born 19.8.1868  Died 7.8.1928 
Married Kitty Allen

Ethel Alice Wyllie Born 1891 Died ? Frank Duncan Wyllie Born 1893 Died 6.9.1948 Batcherlor Glady Minnie Wyllie Born 7.9.1897 Died ? Spinster Percy George Wyllie Born 11.12.1899 Married Hilda Duff (Knight)     May Winnified Wyllie Born 3.11.1901 Charles F Bryant Clarice Wyllie Born 1900 Married Jack Willacy

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