This line is that which runs to James Wyllie in the UK who has researched much of the data we now have on this web site. As you will see there considerable links that James would like to follow up & so if you can trace your own line back to his please send him the information as well as letting us know so we can update the site. James email address is jmw@bexton.u-net.com
      Alexander Wyllie
Born 11.7.1770
Died 1851/54
Married 27.5.1798
Anne Barclay
Born 5.10.1771
Died 1841/51
William Wyllie
Born 16.4.1799
Died 22.4.1874
Married 24.11.1827
Jean McBay
Born 1802
Died 27.12.1879
Alexander Wyllie
Born 9.3.1801
Died ?
Married 17.2.1828
Jane Andrew
Born 18.7.1803
Jean Wyllie
Born 11.7.1804
Died ?
Married 7.2.1836
Alexander Watt
Born 7.1.1816
James Wyllie
Born 1808
Died 23.12.1891
Married Mary Taylor
Born 1810
died 5.7.1892
Lewis Wyllie
Born 1816
Died 1850
Married 23.5.1841
Margaret Wyllie
Born 26.12.1821
Died 21.6.1889

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