Wyllies of Papatoetoe New Zealand

The Wyllies of Papatoetoe are the decendants of Thomas Wyllie and Mary Gollan and their immediate decendants are set out below. Every 10 years this line of Wyllies hold a reunion for the family and the decendants. The last reunion was held on the 18th of March 2000 which I had the privilege of attending.
With over 210 family present this makes for a great gathering.
We hope to have more information on the decendants of this line of Wyllies however according the older family members Thomas Wyllie had just one "L" in his name when he first arrived in New Zealand and on a trip back to Scotland some years later added the second "L". (This can be read in the headstone picture which relates to Thomas's Parents)

This may have been because he had it wrong in the first place or even saw it as more prestigous to have two "L's" in his name. Nobody appears to be able to verify the exact reason.

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      Thomas Wyllie 1811-1914 married Mary Gollan 1849-1898      

Abigail Wyllie  Robert Wyllie (Died as a Child) James Wyllie married Ann Wills Mary Wyllie married Fredrick Wills Ellen Wyllie Married John Watson John Wyllie Married Maggie McCrae Thomas Wyllie married Rebecca Warren
Janet Wyllie Married Charles Percy Sarah -Anne Wyllie Jane Wyllie married Alex Mclennan Elizabeth Wyllie married Alex Muir Margaret Wyllie Barbara Wyllie married Matthew Kirkbride Alexander Wyllie Married Edith Wallis

Wyllie Road in the suburb of Papatoetoe is named after this line of the family see the subdivision document in the pictures page for this line

Contacts for this Wyllie Line are by telephone: Sally Mowbray-Lee 64-9-6344562
David Wyllie 64-9-2785219

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