Wyllie Family - USA
This family line has not yet been linked to the existing lines charted in this web site but may have links to either unrelated lines coming from the 35 or so lines present around 1600. While it is always possible there is a more direct link we can not establish this as fact at present.
The detail is as reported to us at present by Cherra Wyllie & verified by James Wyllie in the UK
This line also links to two of the linked pages for David & Richard Wyllie found in our links pages
      Robert Wyllie
Born 1867 Tarbolton Ayrshire
Married Bessey Dempster (Glasgow)
Emigrated to the USA
James Wyllie
Married Margaret
Mae Hunter Wyllie
Married Harold Fresn
George Dempster Wyllie
Married Helen sayer
 1 Child
(a Son)
Who died in infancy
Hugh Wyllie
Born 1899
Married Hilda Lennia Julin

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