This line does not link to the other know lines at present & therefore we assume it to be a unique line separate with its own possible links to and from the US where most of it decendants are recorded. It is however quite likely that family of Robert Wyllie (either of them) are elsewhere linked to one of the lines recorded in this site.
      Robert Wyllie
Born 1790
Anon Scotland
Married Isabella Nixon
      Robert Willson Wyllie
Born 16.8.1822
Carlisle Scotland
Died 10.12.1862
Married Catherine Plantel on 19.1.1847

Catherine Wyllie (Kitty or Kate)
Married Richard Kerr
Robert Wyllie
Born 1848
Alfred Wyllie
Born 1857
(Lived in Philadelphia)
Henry Wyllie
Born 1849
(Bridgeport Conneticut)
Married Flor Hutchinson
Edward Wyllie
Born 5.8.1853
Exeter England
Married 2.11.1875 Elizabeth Fairbanks
Born 7.8.1857
Died 18.12.1930
Emily Wyllie
Born 1859 or 1860
Charles Wyllie
Born 1852
Married Catherine Basset
(Lived in Manchester Connetticut)
Wilson Wyllie
Born 1863 (6 months after death of father)

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