Wyllie Story - Australia
The Wyllie family in Australia started with the common ancestory of Alexander Walker Wyllie and Jane Birkmyre Neill. Alexander Walker Wyllie born 24.10.1833 and married to Jane Birkmyre Neill. He emigrated to Queensland Australia around 1860, marrying Jane in Queensland and lived in Marybough (150 miles north of Brisbane) until Alexanders death. Jane then went to live in Auckland New Zealand to be with her younger son who was at that time running a Bullock team in the south of the New Zealand North Island from Wellington to Marton.
There was some speculation that Jane moved to Auckland prior to Alexanders death but to date nothing has been found to substanciate this. Jane is buried in Waikumete cemetery  West Auckland.
Alexander Walker Wyllies occupation was listed as clerk although it was known that he had a small farm. There is no record of what Janes occupation was or her history
The Australian line starts with John Wyllie born 9.5.1878 who had 5 children. They were George, Edward, John, Dulcie and Basil. It is interesting that Basil was adopted from a house maid by John in order to bear the Wyllie name. It is believed however that Basil was Johns son by the house maid. There is little definitive evidence to substanciate this.(The writer of this home page had the pleasure of meeting George, (Old) John and Dulcie Wyllie in 1975 & has met most of the remainder of the family including Basil before his death)
Basil Married Edna who is presently still alive and had three children, Colin, Kevin and Nola.
For most of his life Basil farmed just out of Gympie and farming was generally the path followed by the other sons of John Wyllie.
Basils son Colin is still alive as is Nola however in the late 1960's tragedy struck the family when first Kevin was killed in tractor accident and then his wife died of an burst artery a couple of years later. His children Paul, Max, Chris and Carlise were raised by other family members.
Nola married Ken White and had 4 children John, Rob, Lorelle and Bev and all have married and have children of their own.
Colin Wyllie married Dulcie and had two children, Heather and Carol. Both have children of their own.
John and Lyn shown below have 2 children. Greg and Christine.
For more details of the Australian family line either follow the links from John Wyllie or download a chart of the Australian line. (The downloadable document is cut down in detail to make it fit.
Basil Wyllie & Family Grave of Jane Birkmyre Wyllie
Left to right - Basil, Nola, Ken, Edna, Maranda, Carlise John & Lyn Wyllie (the 3rd generation of the original John Wyllie) The Grave of Jane Birkmyre Wyllie - Wife of Alexander Walker Wyllie
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