The Wyllie Family Tree (Brazilian Branch)
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This page is created from information provided by James Wyllie & Eduardo Wyllie and is the children of Louis Rodrigues Wyllie with links to their decendants of which Eduardo is one.
      Louis Rodrigues Wyllie
Born 4 October 1883 Tounghoo- Myanmar
Died 1 October 1945 Rio deJaneiro 
Married Maria da Piedade 
(Lisbon- Portugal) 
Occupation Translator

John Louis Wyllie 
Born ? 
Died ? 
(twin with Alice) 
Married Juracy
Alice Alfredina Wyllie  
Born ?  
Died ?  
(Twin with John)  
Married AntonioSaldanha deVasconcellos
Louis Wyllie 
Born ? 
Died ? 
Married & divorced 
with children by 
the second marriage)
Francis Rodrigues Wyllie 
Born 1913 
Died 4.4.1975 
Married Elza Costa Lima  born 16.4.1914 
Married 29.12.1934
(Elza studied music with renouned Brazilian classic composer Heitor Villa-Lobos)