The Wyllie Family Tree (Brazilian Branch)
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This tree has been compiled following information supplied by Eduardo Wyllie and James Wyllie on this previously unknown branch of the family. Until James researched the names of James Shaw Wyllie (1821) children we did not have this knowledge. In keeping with the intent of this page this data is now added to the pool of knowledge.

James Shaw Wyllie
Born 2-12-1821
Married Marion Moore 1854
Died 1909

Down Arrow
John Alfred Wyllie 
Born 7.July.1855 Edinburgh 
Died 23.4.1939 Pontevedra - Spain 
(While Traveling) 
Possibly married Maria Dominga Rodrigues (Daughter of a Portuguese but born in India) around 1880 
1 child 
Married Amelia Anne Munro (Daughter of Charle Munro Baronet of Foulis) 
Served in India & was Lieutenant Colonel. Much of his service was in the South West of India known as the Spice coast and the Madras area. 
He was also a J.P.  and was a Lieutenant who later commanded the 9th Madras Native Infantry
Arthur M Wyllie 
Born 1862 
Died ? 
Under stood to be a Bank Clerk 
Unknown if Married or if there were children
Frederick Wyllie 
Born 2.July.1857 
Died ? 
Unknown if married or if there were any children 
Believed to have served in India with older brother John Alfred & also served with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (91st Foot)  in the Zulu campaign South Africa 
Was also mentioned in Despatches during the Burmese Campaign

Louis Rodrigues Wyllie 
Born 4 October 1883 Tounghoo- Myanmar
Died 1 October 1945 Rio deJaneiro 
Married Maria da Piedade 
(Lisbon- Portugal) 
Occupation Translator