The Wyllie Story - (From the Family Bible)
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The Start of the Known New Zealand Wyllie Family Tree. (Please note that there are other New Zealand Wyllie Lines for which we have no present story)

We start with Robert Wyllie in 1740 who we know had parents and had brothers and sisters. We know little of them,  so clearly this is an area which opens up new lines of family trees.
We are unsure where he was born other than Scotland.
The database shows linage prior to this time & the line running to the US. Most of that data is researched & we believe it to be correct however we can not be absolutely certain in every respect.
Please note that other lines of Wyllie have come to New Zealand and we endevour to see if or where they may link in to this line. Likewise there is a known split off of the US line prior to Robert Wyllie with subsequent lines coming to both New Zealand and Australia. (Check the US Line or use the database links for the respective countries)

(The history from this point is almost exclusively produced from the family bible record and while we are concious of other New Zealand Wyllie(Wylie) names we have yet to establish solid links.)

Time moves on to Roberts four known children and we find that one died in battle and the other three all died before their time in accidents or of illness. The oldest John Wyllie did live to be 68 years before his accident and was the only son to produce an ongoing line. John also appears to be the only son not to have gone into the military as the 3 younger children all were commissioned officers. (Probally purchased as was the norm at the time.)

John Wyllie had 15 children although a sign of the times was the very high mortality rate which saw 4 die before adulthood. Of note is the fact that this Wyllie family was not heavily into marriage with 5 never marrying although 3 did die at relatively young ages. Two of his sons did however both marry and produce heirs resulting in the United Kingdom based line from George Ord Wyllie and the known Australian and New Zealand lines from Alexander Walker Wyllie.

Alexander Walker Wyllie born 24.10.1833 and married to Jane Birkmyre Neill. He emigrated to Queensland Australia around 1860, marrying Jane in Queensland and lived in Marybough (150 miles north of Brisbane) until Alexanders death. Jane then went to live in Auckland New Zealand to be with her younger son who was at that time running a Bullock team in the south of the North Island from Wellington to Marton.
There was some speculation that Jane moved to Auckland prior to Alexanders death but to date nothing has been found to substanciate this. Jane is buried in Waikumete cemetery  West Auckland.
Alexander Walker Wyllies occupation was listed as clerk although it was known that he had a small farm. There is no record of what Janes occupation was or her history.

There were two sons John Carlise Wyllie and Alexander Wyllie with John being the eldest and therefore inheiriting the family farm by right.
John went on to produce 5 children whose decendants still mostly reside around the Marybough Gympie area although some are further afield but still in Queensland.
(The Australian line is detailed in the History links although we hope to put up some details of this side of the family soon)

The younger son  (also Alexander Walker Wyllie) was required to leave the small farm in Queensland as it was not able to support 2 families. He travelled to New Zealand around the turn of the century arriving in Wellington and commencing his business as a Bullock team owner/driver and running freight to Marton.
Around 1909 he travelled north and took a liking to the area around Warkworth buying firstly some 750 Acres of bushland & scrub at what is now known as Wyllies Road Warkworth. He also purchased some 500 Acres at the Mahurangi Heads West to fatten his stock before they were barged to Auckland for Slaughter. This area is now mostly regional Park having been sold in the 1940's

On his return to Marton (then his home) he set about arranging to ship his Bullock team to Warkworth and sell up his property their. He was supposed to travel with his Bullock team on the same freighter but heard of his mothers ill health in Auckland and he rushed to her side by train, reaching her just before her death in 1910.

Alexander then went north to Warkworth building his homestead and using his bullock team constructed the orginal Woodcocks Road under contract to the County. The road was essencial for his access to his new property on Wyllies road which he also constructed. (It was not named Wyllies Road until the 1960's when the County renamed it to avoid confussion with another road of the same name)

In 1914 Alexander met Eudoras Trotter, a third generation New Zealander. Both were top horse people and it was this that brought them together.
They were married in the Trotter Family homestead  by an Uncle of Eudoras.
With Alexander a mature 34 year and Eudoras a vivaous 22 years they were a perfect match and by all accounts had a happy marriage until her death in 1945 at a young 53 years of age from cancer. 

Alexander Walker Wyllie Eudoras Wyllie Carlise & Jean Wyllie Francis (Carlise) Wyllie Jane Birkmire Wyllies Gravestone
Alexander Wyllie, Carlise,Dorreen & Robert Wyllie Eudoras Wyllie, Carlise, Doreen & Robert Wyllie Carlise & Jeans Wyllie Wedding Francis Carlise Wyllie Jane Birkmire Wyllies Gravestone in Auckland

Alexander and Eudoras (pictured) had 3 children with oldest being Francis Carlise Wyllie (Carl to everybody who knew him) born 4.1.1916. Eudoras did not bear another child until 1928 at the age of 36.

Carl married late at the age of 36 to Jean Estelle Mcleod (her history is more direct to both Scotland and England and is an interesting tale in its self. 
Carl produced 1 son (Garth) and 4 daughters (Faith, Gloria, Ingrid & Edythe) in addition to adopting a further son (Stuart) and daughter (Eunice)  early in the marriage when it was thought there was little chance of children.
Carl worked the family farm from the age of 14 years forsaking schooling and helped his father break in the land from bush to farmland. It was hard backbreaking work and the start of a lifetime committment to the land.

When the second world war  came Carl like many of his age was called up. He never fortunately saw the horrors of war, coming down with a bone disease just weeks before shipping out and finally being invalided out of the army after months in hospital and several operations.
Once healthy again Carl continued to work the farm and on buying his first Chevrolet car in 1951 (it was a 1938 model) he met and soon married Jean in spite of her mothers objections.
(Yes they sort of elopted although Jeans father did attend the Church ceremony.)
Carl died in October 1993 shortly after retiring from the family farm which in recent years had been subdivided and finally sold off.

Of Carl's children Stuart, Eunice, Faith, Gloria and Ingrid have children. Garth  (the publisher of this page) has no children but his partner does have two. Edythe who now lives in Queenland has none.
The family is widely spread which only Gloria and Carl's wife Jean still living in Warkworth.

There is still one Wyllie living on Wyllies road and that is Robert Alexander Wyllie with just 50 acres remaining of the original farm.
Robert is the youngest son born in 1930 and has one son Murray Robert Wyllie. Murray also has married and has 3 children of his own plus a child by his wife Donna's previous marriage.

The middle child was Annie Jane Dorreen (Doreen to all those who know her) who at the age of 17 was given the weighty burden of running the household  following her mothers death.

She married Stanley Harvey and for a time farmed jointly with her brothers the Wyllies road farm.

Doreen and Stan (as he prefered to be called) had 4 children Alexander,(Alex)  Douglas, Caroline (Carol) and Judith. Alex, Douglas and Caroline all have children. Alex has 3 and both Douglas and Caroline have 1.

Carlise & Jean Wyllie Carlise, Robert & Doreen Wyllie Garth Wyllie (Publisher of the Site)
 Carlise & Jean before his death in 1993 The family of Carlise Wyllie in 1979   Carlise, Robert & Doreen in the late 1980's Garth Wyllie (Author of this site) 
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